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Grant-in-Aid for Research, Publication and Monitoring

Areas of Research for 2019-20

Areas of Research for 2017-18


Study Reports

  • Compendium on Research Studies 2015-17 -Download (1.49 MB) pdf
  • A List of Performing and Non-Performing NGOs -Download (3.22 MB) pdf
  • Stories behind a hot cup of Assam tea: Listening to the voices of women labourers in the tea gardens -Download (2.33 MB) pdf
  • Violence against Girls in Secondary Schools of Mizoram -Download (3.02 MB) pdf
  • Economic Empowerment of Women : promoting Skill Development in slum Areas -Download (1.81 MB) pdf
  • Tackling Violence Against Women: A Study of State Intervention Measures (A comparative study of impact of new laws, crime rate and reporting rate, change in awareness level) -Download (3 MB) pdf
  • Women’s Safety from Sexual Assault at Public Spaces in National Capital Region -Download (1.69 MB) PDF
  • Child Trafficking in the Indo-Myanmar Region: A case study in Manipur -Download (1.17 MB) pdf
  • A Situational Analysis of Muslim Widows -Download (2.64 MB) pdf
  • Study on Working Condition & Privileges of Women in the Unorganized Sector -Download (7.5 MB) pdf
  • Assessing of Gender Sensitivity in Media Organization and Content -Download (1.46 MB) pdf
  • An Evaluation of Working Women’s Hostel Received Grant-in –aid under the Scheme to provide safe and affordable accommodation to Working Women -Download (3.28 MB) PDF
  • Need Assessment for Crèches and Childcare Services -Download (715.87 KB) pdf
  • Women-headed households in Assam: The Social and Psychological Impact of Insurgency on Women in Assam. -Download (2.04 MB) pdf
  • Study on "Surrogate Motherhood, Ethical or commercial" -Download (6.4 MB) pdf
  • Gender Differentials at Local Self Government Level in Kerala -Download (1.39 MB) pdf
  • A situational analysis of Muslim Widows in Delhi, Bhopal, Lucknow, Hyderabad and Mewat.- by Mewat Development Society -Download (2.64 MB) pdf
  • Study on" An evaluation of working women hostels received grant-in-aid under the scheme to provide safe and affordable accommodation to working women.- by Haryali Centre for Rural Development -Download (3.28 MB) PDF
  • Study on " Economic empowerment of the women: promoting skill development in slum areas"- By Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Mumbai -Download (1.81 MB) pdf
  • Best Life Style Practices Prevailing among Paliyar Women Tribes of Kodaikanal, Dindigul District, Tamil Nadu by Mother Teresa Women’s University, Tamil Nadu -Download (8.29 MB) pdf
  • National Evaluation Study of Family Counseling Centres in India by TISS, Mumbai -Download (6.75 MB) pdf
  • An empirical study on problems faced by women workers in unorganized sector by Himalayan Region Study and Research Institute, New Delhi -Download (9.11 MB) pdf
  • A situational analysis of the psychosocial well-being of the middle aged (45-65 years of age) women in Delhi NCR by Sarojini Naidu Centre for Women’s Studies Jamia Milia Islamia University, New Delhi -Download (8.38 MB) pdf
  • Trafficking in Women and girl children for commercial sexual exploitation: An interstate explorative study in Jharkhand, Odisha and West Bengal by Social Awareness Institution (SAI), Cuttack, Orissa -Download (5.01 MB) pdf
  • Opportunities and challenges in digital literacy: Assessing the impact of digital literacy training for empowering urban poor women by Institute of Home Economics, New Delhi -Download (5.88 MB) pdf

Minutes of the meeting of Research Advisory Committee(RAC)