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About The Ministry


The Department of Women and Child Development, Government of India, came into existence as a separate Ministry with effect from 30th January, 2006, earlier since 1985 it was a Department under the Ministry of Human Resources Development.

The Ministry was constituted with the prime intention of addressing gaps in State action for women and children for promoting inter-Ministerial and inter-sectoral convergence to create gender equitable and child-centered legislation, policies and programmer.

Vision and Mission


Empowered women living with dignity and contributing as equal partners in development in an environment free from violence and discrimination. And, well nurtured children with full opportunities for growth and development in a safe and protective environment.


Promoting social and economic empowerment of women through cross-cutting policies and programmers, mainstreaming gender concerns, creating awareness about their rights and facilitating institutional and legislative support for enabling them realize their human rights and develop to their full potential.2. Ensuring development, care and protection of children through cross-cutting policies and programmer, spreading awareness about their rights and facilitating access to learning, nutrition, institutional and legislative support for enabling them to grow and develop to their full potential.


The broad mandate of the Ministry is to have holistic development of Women and Children. As a nodal Ministry for the advancement of women and children, the Ministry formulates plans, policies and programmers; enacts/ amends legislation, guides and coordinates the efforts of both governmental and non-governmental organizations working in the field of Women and Child Development. Besides, playing its nodal role, the Ministry implements certain innovative programmers for women and children. These programmers cover welfare and support services, training for employment and income generation, awareness generation and gender sensitization. These programmers play a supplementary and complementary role to the other general developmental programmers in the sectors of health, education, rural development etc. All these efforts are directed to ensure that women are empowered both economically and socially and thus become equal partners in national development along with men.

Policy Initiatives:

For the holistic development of the child, the Ministry has been implementing the world's largest and most unique and outreach programme of Integrated Child Development Services (ICDS) providing a package of services comprising supplementary nutrition, immunization, health check up and referral services, pre-school non-formal education. There is effective coordination and monitoring of various sectoral programmers . Most of the programmers of the Ministry are run through non-governmental organisations. Efforts are made to have more effective involvement of NGOs. The major policy initiatives undertaken by the Ministry in the recent past include universalization of ICDS, establishment of the Commission for protection of Child Rights and enactment of Protection of Women from Domestic Violence Act.


The Ministry of Women and Child Development is headed by Hon'ble Minister Smt. Annpurna Devi, Smt. Savitri Thakur is Minister of State, Shri Anil Malik is the Secretary of the Ministry of Women and Child Development.The activities of the Ministry are undertaken through seven bureaux.

The Ministry has 4 autonomous organizations viz. Subjects Allocated to the Ministry

Women's Empowerment and Gender Equity.