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Nutrition Education & Trainings

Nutrition Education and Training

Advocacy and sensitization of policymakers, nutrition orientation training for programme managers and capacity building of field functionaries are the important activities of the Food & Nutrition Board. Different activities are carried out for different target groups for disseminating nutrition related information the details of which are as under:

  • Training of Trainers (TOT): Each CFNEU organized five days training of 20nos. of Master Trainers comprising of Child Development Project Officers(CDPOs), Assistant Child Development Project Officers (ACDPOs), Senior Supervisor, Medical Officers, Nursing Officers, Health Educator, Principal/Head Master of school implementing Mid-day meal etc. who acts as trainer for the grass-root level functionaries.

    During the year 2012-13,a total number of 27 training courses have been organized & 540no. of participants have been trained.

  • Orientation Training Courses (OTC): Each CFNEU organized the training for 2 days for 30 participants comprising of AWWs, Helpers, adolescent girls, Pregnant, newly married communities PRT etc.

    During the year 2012-13, a total number of 532 training courses have been organized and 15945 grassroot level functionaries were benefitted.

  • Home Scale Preservation of Fruits & Vegetables and Nutrition Education: The CFNEUs organized one week training course for the housewives and adolescent girls to encourage them to preserve fruits and vegetables at the household level. This increases the consumption of fruits and vegetables and also develop skills which could be useful for income generation. Each CFNEU organized training courses for 30 participants per month. A Ready Reckoner on preservation of Fruits, Vegetables and Nutrition Education is distributed to the trainees on completion of the training. Special training courses are conducted exclusively for SC/ST adolescent girls and women and a stipend of Rs.100 is given.

    During 2012-13, a total of 140 courses have been organized & 4650 persons got benefitted. In addition 65 special courses for SC/STwere organized and 1949SC/ST beneficiaries participated.

  • Nutrition Education Programmes are under taken in Rural, Tribal Areas and Urban Slums to encourage appropriate dietary intake and healthy lifestyles.

    During the year 2012-13, a total number 3780 programmes have been organized covering 1,24,715 beneficiaries.

  • Monitoring of Supplementary Nutrition Programme and Nutrition Education & Awareness for ICDS Functionaries: Anganwad is under different ICDS projects are visited to monitor the "supplementary nutrition" and "nutrition and health education" components of the ICDS. The technical staffs of CFNEUs during inspection provide technical support cum practical demonstration on nutrition and health education of the grassroot level workers at the AWC. The observation at AWCs are communicated to the respective State Secretaries in-charge of WCD and at the headquarter level also.