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Indira Mahila Yojana (IMY) recast

Mahila Samriddhi Yojana (MSY) merged

An integrated scheme for women’s empowerment

Based on the formation of women into Self-Help Groups (SHGs)

Aims at the holistic empowerment of women through awareness generation, economic empowerment and convergence of various schemes

         To develop empowered women who will

womenhappy.jpg (13926 bytes) Demand their rights from family, community and government

  Have increased access to, and control over, material, social and political resources

Have enhanced awareness and improved skills

Be able to raise issues of common concern through mobilization and networking


womenstick.gif (89671 bytes) To be implemented in 650 Blocks, including the 238 erstwhile IMY Blocks

At a total cost of Rs. 116.30 crore

To benefit about 9 lakh 30 thousand women, with the formation of about 53 thousand SHGs, about 26 thousand 5 hundred Village Societies and 650 Block Societies


 With the long-term objective being the all-round empowerment of women, especially socially and economically, by ensuring their direct access to, and control over, resources through a sustained process of mobilisation and convergence of all the on-going sectoral programmes, the immediate objectives are as below:


    Establishment of self-reliant women’s Self-Help Groups (SHGs);


{Women will be encouraged to form groups according to their socio-economic status and felt-needs, after which they will network with other groups.


In addition to empowering SHG members per se, by federating and networking strong pressure groups for women’s empowerment/rights will be formed.}


    Creation of confidence and awareness among members of SHGs regarding women’s status, health, nutrition, education, sanitation and hygiene, legal rights, economic upliftment and other social, economic and political issues;


    Strengthening and institutionalizing the savings habit in rural women and their control over economic resources;


    Improving access of women to micro-credit;


    Involvement of women in local-level planning;


    Convergence of different agencies for women’s empowerment and integrated projects accessing delivery of different schemes from a single window; and


    Inculcating a subsidy-free approach to women’s empowerment.


Project Implementing Agencies (PIAs):

Any appropriate agency

Governmental or non-governmental

Including district/intermediary level panchayat institutions

As also NGOs or Government departments/ organizations


Composite projects for 4-5 years, with the following elements:

shg1b.gif (42612 bytes) Group formation/ mobilization activities

Community oriented innovative interventions

Other schemes of DWCD, especially NORAD, STEP, SEP and AGP

Schemes of other departments


shg1a.gif (35193 bytes) To create self reliant and sustainable institutions, which prioritise women’s needs and interests and bring about their social and economic empowerment

SHGs & Societies (Village & Block-level) to be sustainable entities

Sustained activities after the project period without any further financial inputs from the Government


 Further Details:

        Interested persons or prospective PIAs may contact: -

Secretary in-charge of Women and Child Development of the concerned State/UT


Director (Micro-credit Development) & / or Desk Officer (IWEP), Department of Women & Child Development, Jeevan Deep Building, Parliament Street, New Delhi – 110001. (Tel: 011-3733980 / 3340304)


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